ready for the gladiator challenge?

What is Gladiator Rock 'N Run?


17 obstacles

5 kilometers

3 bands

the most thrilling day of your life

Dan Clark aka "Nitro" from the American Gladiators brings you the “Voted #1 Obstacle Adventure race in the USA” – The Gladiator Rock’n Run™.

Created in 2010, Gladiator Rock'n Run challenges all participants to run, jump, slide and crawl their way through 5 kilometers of obstacle-laden terrain designed for everyone from beginners to hardcore seasoned athletes.

After the event, you’ll celebrate like a Gladiator God and rejuvenate your mud-splattered soul with beer, food, and rock ‘n’ roll.

So grab all your friends, throw caution to the wind and prepare yourself for Gladiator Glory by signing up today for the best race on the planet!

each gladiator will receive

  1. Free beer, limit 1 (must be 21 or older 
    and have a valid ID).*
  2. Live music.
  3. Rock'n Rumble Pit.
  4. A "Gladiator Tough" Finishers Medal
  5. A "Limited Edition" Gladiator 
    Rock'n Run T-shirt
  6. Sweet prizes for top finishers.
  7. Bad-ass post race party.
  8. The most Mudtastic day of your life.
  9. A memory that will echo into eternity.

* Each participant receives one beer as part of registration. Don't be an idiot. Don't drink and drive.