Gladiator Rock’n Run is challenging, but it’s also designed to be doable by participants of all sizes, shapes and athletic abilities. Gladiator finishers have included special needs athletes, adaptive athletes, Grandmas and beginners.

Some athletes are in it to win it.  Others take the challenge simply to finish.  

Our motto is:

“It’s not about being the biggest, strongest or fastest but doing the best you can.”

If there is an obstacle you can’t do?  Not a problem.  Safety is paramount.  Simply, skip the obstacle and do the 10 burpee penalty.  Then put that obstacle on your bucket list to conquer at the next event.  

Lastly, you are not doing this alone.  Gladiator is built upon teamwork and camaraderie.  Your teammates and other Gladiators will help you get through the course.

What are you waiting for? Gather your friends and sign up today!