We honor these Gladiator Finishers who defied odds and expectations to conquer the Gladiator.  They are stories of hope, courage and inspiration. They didn’t ask for easy.  Just possible.  We are proud to have them as part of Gladiator Nation. 

Please send your Gladiator hero story or nominate a Gladiator to be recognized to info@GladiatorRocknRun.com

Commit.  Crush. Conquer.


Meet Chris.

His life changed forever on July 2014 when he learned his father, Chris senior, had stage 4 Liver cancer. The cancer was so advanced the only hope his dad had at surviving was to get a liver donor.

The wait for a donor was long - longer than his dad had to live. Chris COURAGEOUSLY stood up for his dad and gave him the gift - that gift his father gave him 32 years ago when he was born - the GIFT OF LIFE.

Chris bravely donated 70 percent of liver to his father. The surgery was tense, dangerous and life threatening for both parties. But by some miracle - they both not only survived - they THRIVED.

One year after the surgery, father and son celebrated LIFE by CRUSHING the Gladiator Rock'n Run together at the Rose Bowl. Chris, we salute you and thank you for sharing your and your father's story with us. We are also happy to report Chris Sr. is cancer free!



Meet Soleil.

Three years ago, Soleil was diagnosed with Lupus. After 11 months, and finally feeling somewhat better, Soleil went for it. She ran the Gladiator Rock'n Run at the Rose Bowl in 2014. She needed so much help, and at times felt like she'd never make it. But she did. 

Fast forward to this year.  Soleil formed the Lake Forest pay-what-you-can Bootcamp.  In her spare time, she met up at parks with anyone who wanted a tough bad ass workout but can't afford it elsewhere. They've grown into a big group of hardworking beasts!

Soleil talked 20 members of the Bootcamp into running the Gladiator Rock'n Run, and they crushed it.  This year, Soleil was able to help others over the obstacles. She felt strong. She felt powerful and helpful. But most of all, she felt healthy.

Soleil- your positive attitude and can-do spirit is an inspiration to us all. You are the definition of a Gladiator Hero.


Meet Mauricio.

It started with one rock.  It soon grew to 27 stones.  Mauricio and his son meticulously painted and sketched each stone with a child’s name. These 27 children shared a bond - AUTISM.  The last stone - the most precious stone - wsas the stone for his son ZEKE.  

Mauricio crushed the Gladiator carrying these 27 stones as a way to shine a light on these 27 gifts of God.  He became their legs. They became his inspiration. Together they went on a journey that was far more than a race.  It was about life, love and inspiration.  Thank you for this gift Mauricio - we salute you!

P.S. Mauricio and his son also raised $5000 for Talk About Curing Autism.


Meet Claudia.

Claudia was diagnosed with Leukemia. A death sentence for some, riddled with medication and hospital stays. Not for Claudia. She is different. She is a Gladiator. She vowed NOTHING would hold her back. She vowed to run the Gladiator to prove everyone wrong. Claudia was good to her word. She crushed the Gladiator in So Cal... and vows to do it over and over again. She's chosen to live. She's chosen to be awesome. Congrats Claudia - we salute you.


Meet Pedro.

He was 270 lbs, suffered from high cholesterol and blood pressure. He'd undergone multiple back surgeries. He was on a path to diabetes and heart disease.

Pedro wanted to change.  He wanted to set a better example for his kids. He wanted more life out of life.  He wanted to really live.

In January, Pedro decided to take action.  He signed up for the Gladiator Rock'n run against the advice of his friends and family who were concerned about his weight, health and back issues.

A man on a mission, Pedro lost 63 pounds and crushed the Gladiator and proved to himself that he COULD do it.  Best part, he taught his kids a most valuable lesson: You can do anything in life if you work hard and believe.  Congrats Pedro!


Meet Libby. She's 16 years old. She is Blind. She dreamed of running the Gladiator Rock'n Run. They told her she couldn't. She said, "Watch me." And CRUSHED IT.  Don't let anyone hold you back. EVER.


Meet Krystal. She lost her arm in a tragic car accident. But she wasn’t going to let the accident keep her from doing what she loved. With feisty determination she was back in the gym a few weeks later.

THREE MONTHS after her accident Krystal made her triumphant return and crushed the Gladiator in Texas. Krystal turned a tragic loss into a gift. A gift of inspiration for others.    


Meet Misty. She was born with spina bifida. She’s always been curious about how far she could go. Impossible to subdue or defeat, her indomitable spirit has carried her further than anyone thought she could go. Misty has crushed several Gladiators including the uber-tough Super Gladiator in San Diego. Her smile lights up an event. Her courage fills our heart. Keep going MISTY! Don’t ever stop.


Meet Robert. He almost lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident. Doctors told him might not walk again, let alone run. With screws, plates and bolts in his legs, Robert proved them wrong. He walked. He ran. He crushed the Gladiator a year after his accident. Congrats Robert. We salute you.

75 year old Grandma.jpg


Meet Bev. She is 75 years old. She is a grandmother.  She is a Gladiator. Bev was looking for something “fun” to do with her kids. She found it. But didn’t stop at one Gladiator Rock’n Run. She crushed three Gladiator events in 2014. Bev, you are one bad-ass grandma. We salute you!


Meet Christopher. He’s 19. There is no mountain high enough. No challenge too big. He dug deep and conquered the Gladiator Rock’n Run at the Rose Bowl in 2014 to help support Talk About Curing Autism. Chris – keep high fiving. Keep Rocking!


Meet Colleen. Colleen had her mind set on running the Gladiator.  There were those who told he she couldn't.  She said "Watch Me" and did.  Colleen keep your smile bright and your heart big.  We love you!