Can I get a refund?

As set forth in the terms and conditions agreed to by each participant during the registration process, we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. We are more than happy to offer a raincheck for another current/next year race or you can transfer to a friend.

To get a raincheck, you must purchase a Gladiator Guarantee from the checkout page. The Gladiator Guarantee should be emailed to after the race so we can confirm that you did not run. We will then send a raincheck certificate.

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

Yes, a ticket can be transferred. To transfer your ticket: purchase the Gladiator Guarantee from the checkout page. Then send a copy of the receipt to with name and email of who it is being transferred to.

How do I change my wave time, shirt size or email address?

  1. Login to your SquadUP account
  2. Click on the tickets tab
  3. Click on the edit question answers button (far right)
  4. Find the relevant question
  5. Change your answer
  6. Press save.

Can I pick up a friends packet?

Packets can be picked up for others as long as you have a printed out signed waiver form AND a copy of their ID. The ID can be in the form of a text but the waiver needs to be printed out.

Can I get my packet on race day?

Yes. Packet pick-up is not mandatory and can be picked up on race day at the registration tent.

What if I am late and will miss my wave time?

No worries, you can join the next (every 30 mins) wave start time.

Where can I find my results and photos?

We will send out race results link along with photos within the week after race day.

Create a team name or be added to one after registering?

Create a team name or be added to one after registering? Login to SquadUP and press the tickets tab. On the ticket page, you will see your order for Gladiator. You will also see 3 buttons on the right hand side. The button on the far right is "edit question answers". Press that, find the team question, and add your team name or choose the team you want. Press save.

How can I view the other members of my team?

You or the team captain can email for team sign-up updates.

What is the age limit?

You must be AT LEAST 14 YEARS OLD in order to participate in Gladiator Rock'n Run events.