Gladiator Obstacles are designed to be challenging, fun and safe.  They will test your mental grit and physical strength.  Gladiator puts camaraderie over finishing first. 


Good luck making your way up this muddy mountain.

Gladiator BBQ

Race through fiery flames

Stumped SD.jpg


Jump from stump to stump without getting dumped.

Skid marks good.jpg

skid marks

Rocket down a 100 foot water slide into a muddy bog.

Ring My Bell

Climb up the 14ft hanging rope. Ring the bell and you're done.

Wall of Fame.JPG

wall of fame

Conquer the 8ft Wall of Fame or face the 4ft pink "Wall of Shame".

the beast

Release your inner beast to scale this monster.



Crawl through the pitch black under ground trenches.

Cargo net girls flexing.JPG

cargo congo climb

Scramble up and over massive cargo nets.

Gladiator Bars.jpg

gladiator bars

Glide across the 30 foot expanse of twisted steel and sex appeal.

river walk

Dash across the river of mud or splash and crash.


Saddle up and ride your partner 40 yards. Then switch partners.

mud madness

Slither along on your belly through a trough of mud.

tube steak

Grovel through the mud to freedom.

hamburger hill

Your legs will turn to hamburger as you charge up this 1/2 mile incline.

Terrible Tires copy.jpg

terrible tires

You'll burn more than rubber going over this knee-high hell.

polar plunge

Blast through a waist-deep icy pool of water.

widow's web

Walk, crawl, slither uphill under the widow's web.

Dirty Drawers.png

morning wood

You'll have to play well with others to carry the 25 foot telephone pole.

buddha's burden

Deliver 40 lbs. bags of rice to the foot of the Buddha.

cinderblock burpees

Burn your way through burpees Gladiator style while holding a cinderblock.

Dumpster dive

Climb up, over and out of 8 feet of twisted steel

Dirty Drawers

Pull yourself across a mud pit on your back. Mud will go place that even your doctor hasn’t looked.

Tired Out 1.jpg

tired out

Walking Lunges while carrying a tire will crush your quads

hells hills

Get ready for Mud and Thrills when you conquer these hills.

Concrete Jungle

Go over, under or through the concrete wasteland of abandoned car, tunnels and tires.


Go up on over this T-Rex of an inflatable. Hurry down because we've got a surprise for you on the otherside!