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Gladiator Rock'n Run - Nor Cal

  • Joseph D. Grant Regional Park 18405 Mt Hamilton Rd Mt Hamilton, CA, 95140 United States (map)



Presented by Dan Clark, also known as Nitro of American Gladiator fame. The Gladiator returns to San Jose for third annual Nor Cal Bash.

Like a frenzied start up pivoting before it's IPO we are completely overhauling our course and littering it with new obstacles before we let our greedy Gladiators charge forward with a hostile take over.

You'll still battle fire, mud, ice and scale mountains, but unlike most races where you emerge with labored breathing, shin splints and a lifeless look in your eye, you'll finish the Gladiator 5 muddy pounds heavier, 3 times richer and helluva lot happier.

You'll be tweeting, Yahoo-ing!, Facebook-ing about it so loud the 49ers will think about moving back to Candlestick.

So make Poppa-Nitro proud. Throw caution to the wind and prepare yourself for Gladiator Glory by signing up today for the best race in town… hell, maybe even the planet, but who has time to Google it?


First wave goes off @ 8:00am Saturday. You select your wave time during the registration process. Waves are capped at 300 runners. We recommend you arrive at least an hour before your wave time begins.

Wave times: 8:00am (elite/eligible for awards), 8:30am (elite/eligible for awards), 9:00am (SOLD OUT), 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, 12:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Each wave consists of both men and women from every age group. You may register for any available wave regardless of your age.


Joseph D. Grant Regional Park
18405 Mount Hamilton Rd
San Jose, CA 95140
Phone number: (408) 274-6121


* $10 CASH Only. Parking is VERY, VERY limited. Please carpool.


40 Camping spots are available. Book early. This will fill up fast. Call the Park now to reserve 408-274-6121.


Friday June 12th
12pm - 7pm
Sports Basement Campbell (In the Pruneyard)
1875 S Bascom Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
*Not mandatory, can pick up on race day



  • Photo ID.

  • A change of clothes.

  • Spending Money for extra Beer, Gladiator Grub and Gear. 

  • An initialed, signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. This is optional, but will save time in line! Download here.


  • Look in the mirror.

  • Take in a stiff breath of courage.

  • Chastise yourself for taking life too seriously.

  • Promise yourself you'll be "Gladiator Tough" and do better today than you did yesterday.

  • Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.


Entry Fees

$70 UNTIL JUNE 5th, 2015

Late, Late Ass Entry

$90 UNTIL JUNE 13th, 2015

Late, Late, Late Ass Entry


There is a mandatory $9 Insurance fee with your registration.