"Nitro's Friday Favorite 5" - #INSPIRATION

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  This week's "Nitro's Friday 5" takes a different slant.  It's about INSPIRATION, COURAGE, and LOVE.  

Meet Chris Reeder.  He's not a man of a lot of words but his actions speak volumes.   He is a modern day Gladiator.  A warrior poet.  

Chris's life changed forever on July 14th, 2014 when learned his father, Chris senior, had stage 4 Liver Cancer.  His dad, a Gladiator in his own right, contracted Hepatitis C from doing CPR on a guy that was drowning at Silverwood Lake in 1993.  With a very heathy lifestyle he was able to keep the disease at bay.

It's was in July when Chris senior collapsed and found out he had severe cirrhosis of the liver and was bleeding internally.  It was then, they discovered he had multiple masses and his liver and was officially diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver cancer.

The cancer was so advanced the only hope Chris senior had at surviving was to get a liver donor. The wait for a live donor was long - longer than Chris senior had to live.

Chris COURAGEOUSLY stood up for his dad and gave him the gift his father gave him 32 years ago when he was born.  The GIFT OF LIFE.

Chris bravely donated 70 percent of his liver to his father.  

The surgery was tense, dangerous and life threatening to both parties.

But by some miracle they both not only survived - they THRIVED.  Six months after the surgery - father and son celebrated LIFE by CRUSHNG the Gladiator Rock'n Run at the Rose Bowl.

Chris, I salute you and thank you for sharing your story with us. We are also happy to report Chris senior is CANCER FREE!

Give a shout out and comment below.   Support and comments are the applause for a life well lived.  

Have a great weekend and Stay INSPIRED - LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!

Dan "Nitro" Clark

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