Pro Soccer Player Invented "this" to Battle Muscle Soreness!

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This week edition features Ryan Guy, former pro soccer player, and Co-Founder and CEO of
Gurilla Battallion.

Personally, I've tried every foam roller on the market and I think what Ryan and his team have created are by far the best.  I also love his back story and the reason he created this product.  I'm all about getting behind products that people create to make lives better and solve a problem.


As a former professional soccer player I spent years trying to figure out the best way to keep my body from injury. During my time with the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer and a World Cup Qualifying campaign with the Guam National Team, I realized that the tools I used to take care of my body were just as important as the stupidly expensive cleats I wore and the jerseys I donned.

I knew rolling out had tremendous health benefits -- but then why was I still using cheap, foam, mass-manufactured crap?  I wanted the best tools for my body and when I couldn't find one - I experimented like crazy until I discovered what worked best.

It was from this that GURILLA BATTALION and our line of Gurilla Rollers was born.

Our mission: To produce the best performance recovery tools on the market when it comes to effectiveness, durability, and aesthetic.

Here are 5 ways that Gurilla Rollers help you perform better:

1.  Increased range of motion

Studies show that a rolling session on your quads for 60 seconds can increase range of motion in the knee joint by up to 16% and increase muscular efficiency. In essence, A Gurilla Ground Roller will help you gain more flexibility than you can from stretching alone, and all without sacrificing strength!

2.  Better blood flow to muscles

Using the Gurilla Styk triggers vasodilation. In other words, your veins open up nice and wide to allow more blood flow to the areas that are being rolled. With better blood flow you can achieve faster runs, bigger lifts, and greater feats of awesomeness.

3.  Increased hydration and nutrient delivery to the muscles

If you have rolled before, you know there is plenty of sensation involved. Some of this stimulation is of the nerves, but you are also stimulating your connective tissues and causing them to "pull more fluid in to the cell walls to create more space and organization among themselves". Organization, hydration, and nutrient delivery... We're basically talking about a legal performance enhancer here!

4.  Reduced risk of injury

Flexible, malleable, and hydrated fascia and muscles decreases the risk of tears.   The Precision APE Roller promotes this healthy tissue and helps create fewer muscular imbalances, with fewer imbalances and increased range of motion, your joints are less likely experience undue strain. Lower the chances of pulling a hamstring, putting out your back and maybe even tearing an ACL? Try saying no to that.

5. Decreased recovery time after a workout or competition

If the first four points aren't enough to convince you to start or continue putting muscle rolling in to your routine, then this one will seal the deal.  Rolling has been proven to substantially decrease soreness in muscles after an intense workout. In the same study, rolling was proven to significantly help speed recovery of performance in both running and jumping.

If you want to try the best roller on the market and start getting these benefits - Ryan and his team have offered a 10% discount to readers.  

10% Off Code:  GLADIATOR

Purchase or get more info HERE

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