"Nitro's Friday Favorite 5" - Tips on Peak Performance, Motivation, Inspiration

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  Nitro's Friday 5- A list of quick tips on peak performance, motivation and inspiration that I'm digging, loving and using in my life.

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* Article - I'm greatly intrigued by the concept ofcreating an insulin spike post workouttoincrease protein synthesis for maximum recovery.  I have experimented with going protein only post workout and with protein and carbs.  For high intensity training - I found I recover more quickly with protein and carbs.  What about you?

* Cool Purchase of the week - Everyone wants to lose fat.  But until now there hasn't been a simple, accurate way to measure your body fat.  The scales and calipers or grossly inconsistent and inaccurate.  The problem is solved with the SKUPT AIM.  This cool little
handheld device accurately measures your body fat in different areas of your body. 

* Books I am reading -  been frustrated by a few things in my life.  Been struggling over some major decisions.  There are two books I found extremely helpful during this rough period.  The first book: The Dip - A Little Book that Teaches you When to Quit and When to Stick.

The second book: "Small Giants - Companies that to be Great Instead of Big" was INSTRUMENTAL about the fate of 2016 Gladiator Rock'n Run.  I'm happy and committed to being small and great.

* My instagram / Facebookfollow of the weekMisty Diaz.  Her indomitable spirit is unbreakable.  Her smile lights up any event.  I'm a huge fan of this girl.  Follow here on facebook atMisty Diaz or on Instagram @lilmistydiaz

Have a great weekend!
Dan "Nitro" Clark

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