"Nitro's Friday Favorite 5" - HAPPINESS HACKS

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  This week's "Nitro's Friday 5" shares my happiness hacks.  Let's start with the premise that happiness is not a constant state but a state we create.  The happier people in life simply create the happy state more often than others.

They cultivate their happiness.

Your happiness is in your hands.  I know sometimes it feels like you're at the mercy of all these external factors.  I feel the same way a lot. When I do, I use these hacks to create a state of happiness.

The happiness doesn't always last.  Occasionally, it only works for a brief moment.  But I'll take any and all the happiness I can get.  

My Happiness Hacks

1. EXERCISE - This is my go-to hack.  There's nothing better than being baptized by the fire and adrenaline that crushing a workout can bring.  Leave it all out there.  Hold nothing back and watch the endorphins come rushing in.

2.  SPEND MONEY ON EXPERIENCES, NOT THINGS - Studies show that people got MORE HAPPINESS when they had a cool experience opposed to when they purchased something.  Take the money you were going spend on an object and spend it on a cool experience.  Here is me practicing what I preach climbing Mount Rainier in Washington.

3.  MAKE SOCIAL TIME - one of the top regrets of dying people is not spending enough time or staying in touch with friends and family.  Reach out to someone close you and let them know you care.  Better yet do something together!

4. PRACTICE GRATITUDE - Start a Gratitude Journal.  Each morning write 3 things you are grateful for in your life.  Gratitude makes us happier.

5. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE JAM - right now my go-to song is Pharrell's HAPPY.  Many mornings I put this song on "repeat" and let it fill the air while I make breakfast and drink my coffee.  Yep, big, bad Gladiator Nitro is a Minion fan.  

6. LAUGH.  I'm not talking about giggling.  I'm talking about throwing your head back and laughing from deep in your gut.  A good, hearty laugh relives physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed.  Laughter is the best medicine.

Give a shout out and comment below.  Support and comments are the applause for a life well lived.  

Have a great weekend.  Create HAPPINESS!

Dan "Nitro" Clark

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