Part Two - The Most Important Training You'll Ever Do!

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  This week's "Nitro's Friday 5" follows up on the most important training you'll ever do - RESISTANCE TRAINING. 

Last week we defined and brought the beast of resistance to life.  To review last week's post and see how resistance rears it's ugly head click here

RESISTANCE is fear, procrastination, distraction, self-loathing, self-doubt, shame, perfectionism - anything that keeps you from being your brave, magnificent, wonderful, BEST SELF!  

REMEMBER -  Resistance is always lying and full of shit. 

RULE OF THUMB: The more important a call of action is to your soul's evolution, the more Resistance you'll feel toward pursuing it. 

The FIRST STEP in CRUSHING resistance is to RECOGNIZE its existence.  This recognition is hugely powerful.  You have now seen your opponent.  You now realize - this thing called resistance is keeping you from your calling.  It's keeping you from a better life.  

The SECOND STEP in crushing resistance is to know the ENEMY is inside you, but it is NOT YOU.  You have resistance the same way you "have" a heart beat. 

The THIRD STEP in crushing resistance is to know the REAL YOU must battle the RESISTANCE YOU.  You are the GLADIATOR.  Resistance is the DRAGON.   The only RECOURSE possible between the gladiator and dragon is BATTLE.

This battle is life-and-death.  Your dream, hopes and ambitions   are at stake.  The dragon of resistance will fight to its final breath to keep you small -- to keep you from living the life of deserve. 

The FOURTH STEP in crushing resistance is knowing that with resistance comes ASSISTANCE.  Look for guides, help and mentors. They will appear.   

The FIFTH STEP in crushing resistance is to have a KILLER INSTINCT.  Fight the feeling in the pit of your stomach - that keeps you small, hiding and in the box.  The feeling that wells up in your gut when you want to try something new or our brave.  Slay it. Kill it. Crush it.  And set your dreams free. 

Remember - this battle against resistance must be fought every day.  Everything you want is on the other side of this battle.

The LAST STEP in crushing resistance is to know that if you slay the dragon once, he will never have power of your again. Yes-yes-yes, he'll still be there.  You'll still have to fight him every damn day just as hard.

But you will have kicked his ass one, and you'll know you can kick his ass again.  This a GAME CHANGER that will transform your life and help you bring home the gold.  

I hope this help... and remember PROCRASTINATION is the most common form of resistance because it's the easiest to rationalize.  We don't tell ourselves - we aren't going to do something.  We tell ourselves we'll do it later.  Then later turns to NEVER. 

Start something today.  A diet, new workout program, a new project, a new hobby, etc.  Whatever it is -- BEGIN NOW -- and fight like hell until it's finished.

I'll be here cheering you on - and fighting the same battle. 

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Stay inspired!

Dan "Nitro" Clark 

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