The Most Important Training You'll Ever Do - "Nitro's Friday 5"

Dan "Nitro" Clark here. This weeks "Nitro's Friday 5" deep-dives into "Resistance Training."  I know you're thinking I'm talking about weight training.  I am not.

The type of RESISTANCE training we are going to cover will be the the MOST IMPORTANT training you'll ever do.

RESISTANCE is: fear, procrastination, distraction, self-loathing, self-doubt, shame, perfectionism - anything that keeps you from being your brave, magnificent, wonderful, best self.

RESISTANCE rears it's ugly head when you:
* Pursue any calling in writing, painting, music, creative arts.  
* When you want to launch any entrepreneurial venture.  
* When you start any diet or workout regime.
* When you begin any course to overcome addiction or negative behavior. * When you dare step out of the box and be seen.

RESISTANCE is Invisible.  It cannot be seen, heard, touched or tasted. But it can be FELT.  It's job is to shove us away, distract us and prevent us from being our best self.

RESISTANCE is a Bastard.  It will tell you anything to keep you from shining.   It will tell you: you aren't good enough, no one cares, you can't do this, you're too tired, you're not worthy,  it's too hard.   It will deceive, fabricate, bully, seduce, cajole and demean you.

Resistance is always lying and full of shit.

RESISTANCE aims to kill.  It's target is our wonderful uniqueness, our genius, our soul, our priceless gift that we were put on this earth to share.
RESISTANCE never Sleeps.  Great musicians, who are at the top of their careers, still puke before performances.  The fear doesn't go away.  It's IMPORTANT to know the battle against resistance must be fought ANEW every day.   You're health,  happiness, and life's work depends on it.

RULE OF THUMB: The more important a call of action is to your soul's evolution, the more Resistance you'll feel toward pursuing it.

The FIRST STEP in CRUSHING resistance is to RECOGNIZE its existence.  This recognition is hugely powerful.  You have now seen your foe.  You now realize - this thing called resistance is keeping you from your calling.

You are the GLADIATOR.   Resistance is the DRAGON.   The only RECOURSE possible between the GLADIATOR and DRAGON is battle.

NEXT WEEK - we'll go over how to kick RESISTANCE ass so you can revel in your glory and stride proudly toward being your best self.

Until then... have a GREAT WEEKEND and let these concepts sink in.  If you're anything like me, you'll be fired up and ready to come out swinging!

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Dan "Nitro" Clark

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