Life Hacks for Peak Performance, Motivation, Inspiration - "Nitro's Friday Favorite 5"

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  Nitro's Friday 5- A list of quick tips on peak performance, motivation and inspiration that I'm digging, loving and using in my life.

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* Song I'm jamming to this week - "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.  This song always picks me up and gets me rocking.  I use it in the morning when I'm feeling sluggish or generally anytime I need a little pick up.

* Supplement I'm loving- I've been experimenting with taking ACTIVATED CHARCOAL  ($6 Amazon) after hard workouts to speed up recovery.  The results have been pretty AMAZING.  When we crush a training session it helps push lymph fluids carrying a host of waste products back to our blood where our body works hard to transform the toxins and excrete them.  The charcoal binds to the toxins helping eliminate them more quickly and thoroughly - thus helping us recover faster.   I've found I'm not nearly as sore when I pop a few activated charcoal caps after a workout.  Give it a shot!

 * Books I am reading -  my little sister got me reading this book.  After she read it - she took control of her destiny and opened an awesome COFFEE HOUSE.  If you need a reminder that "YOU ARE A BADASS" and want to start living an awesome life - this book is a great read.

* My Instagram / Facebook follow of the week -  We all need to laugh and smile more.  It makes you STRONGER and FASTER.  Thanks Rodrigo for the laughs! Follow Funning on Facebook and FunningTV on Instagram.

*Quote - I'm pondering this week.  Success is on the other side of frustration. Keep at it. Keep dreaming. Keep working.  Keep believing.

Have a great weekend and Stay INSPIRED!
Dan "Nitro" Clark

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