Nitro's Friday Favorite 5

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  Time for another dose of "Nitro's Friday 5!"  A short list of tips that I'm digging, loving and using in my life for peak performance, motivation and inspiration.

I hope you'll find something useful here too!

* Recovery - There is a crucial difference between "rest" and "active recovery."  Rest is generally referred to as sleep and time spent not exercising.  Recovery, on the other hand, refers to techniques and actions taken to help the body repair.  Here is a good, short article on the subject.
* Book I'm reading - I'm greatly intrigued by the book Unbreakable Runner by Brian Mackenzie.  The book examines long-held beliefs about how to train to run.  It tears down those traditions to reveal new principles to CRUSH every race from a 5k to an Ultra.

* Supplement -  I'm loving SunWarrior Protein.  It's the best vegan protein on the market. It's gluten free, raw, with an exceptional amino acid profile with all the good stuff you need.  I love the chocolate and use Sunwarrior for 6 week periods to give my gut a rest from digesting whey.  Promo Code: SW15 will save 15% off your order.

* Video I'm Loving - I found this TED TALK video by Amy Cuddy fascinating.  If you haven't heard or watched Ted Talks - it's time you start.  Ted Talks are ideas that are based upon saving the world and making your life better.  Amy's video about PERSONAL POWER has over 6 million views.  It's heartwarming, touching, and has real-life applicable information that will HELP YOU.

* This weekend - I focus a lot on self improvement, and an important part of living a happy and fulfilled life is being in service of others.  To be useful.  To be honorable.  To make a difference.  I had the great pleasure last weekend of participating in a Corn Hole Tournament fundraiser for Crush Cancer with these animals at Dogtown Crossfit in Los Angeles.  Be inspired.  Do something for others!

On Saturday, Oct 10th at Dogtown Crossfit there is a CRUSH CANCER event that benefits Stand up to Cancer.  Join me there in for an awesome event and workout!

Donate and sign up and Crowdwise:

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Dan "Nitro" Clark

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