"Nitro's Friday Favorite 5" - Tips on Peak Performance and other gems!

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  Time for another dose of "Nitro's Friday 5!"  A short list of tips that I'm digging, loving and using in my life for peak performance, motivation and inspiration.

Let me know what you liked, want more of, or just shout out or comment below.

* Recovery - Plantar fasciitis - it's the bane of my existence right now and I don't even run long distances.  Every step I take, it feels like I'm stepping on a nail.  Been researching how to deal with this.  Loved this article.  Another favorite is the rolling out of the arch on a frozen water bottle.

* Supplement -  A strong argument of why Goat whey protein is more effective for you than cow whey.  Goat milk packs about 65% protein, but contains less of the little crampy, digestive offender alpha s1-casein protein, an allergic found in cow milk.  It's a gut-friendlier alternative to it's cow predecessors.  Try Garden of Life ($37.04 Amazon)

I'm Inspired by - Norina Bentzel.   She's an unbelievable41 year-old 5-foot 3 elementary school principal who took down a 6 foot former soldier wielding a razor sharp machete. She suffered wounds, lost fingers but saved the lives of her students.  Read this if you are needing a dose of courage to take on the day.

* Purchase I'm excited about.   I'm loving the Healthcare foot rocker ($11.38 amazon). My buddy Ben Ceccarelli from Piketoon turned me on this gem for achilles and plantar issues. If you run - you need one of these.

* Someone I like following on InstagramAndrea Ager.  She's a workout phenom with great tips -- and seems to be in perpetual joy that rubs off on me and her followers.

Thanks for taking the time to read.  Share, comment and spread ideas you think can help be in service of others.

Have a great weekend!

Dan "Nitro" Clark

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