"Nitro's Friday Favorite 5" - Tips on Peak Performance, Motivation, Inspiration

Dan "Nitro" Clark here.  Please enjoy this short list of tips that I'm digging, loving and using in my life for peak performance, motivation and inspiration.

Let me know what you liked, want more of, or just shout out or comment below.

Article - 7 Reasons YOU should be Doing Obstacle Course Races.  The title says it all. Please note it's mostly aimed at Crossfit athletes but applies to everyone.

* Book I am reading -  Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto is a fascinating, eye opening read about the industrialization of food, and how to eat.  His simple recommendation is: "Eat foods, not too much, most plants." Is this the most sensible food plan ever?  Read the book and find out.

* Recovery - "Ice, Ice Baby.  Yo VIP, stop and listen." Yep, that just happened.  I threw out a Vanilla Ice reference.  In the past I've shared a lot of fancy recovery techniques, but one of my favorite recovery tools is the simple reusable ice pack (Amazon $23).  I go with the XL pack and pop it on whatever body part is sore for 15-20 minutes to reduce inflammation (puppy not included)!

* My Facebook follow of the week -  Weeple Army.  I love this running group.  Everyone is welcome from beginners to Ultra hardcore athletes.  They are almost 4000 strong and will do any and all type of races.  They are always the first to volunteer and help out. I am a proud member.  Kudos to Dave Huckle for starting this awesome running group.

I'm Inspired by this quote: When asked why he was the greatest - Living legend Muhammed Ali replied, "Because I get up."  We all are hit with set backs.  But I believe with every set back there is a chance to comeback and rise.  The first step is to simply GET UP.  Second step - fight f'n back.  Now go get it!

Have a great weekend!

Dan "Nitro" Clark

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